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A law firm assisting international professionals & companies with U.S. Immigration Solutions.

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Sky USA Law

A United States Immigration Law Firm.

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We provide individual and effective guidance to each client's unique situation, and the experience to provide suitable strategies for your immigration files.

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Sky Usa Law is built to earn the trust of international professionals worldwide. From a Free Initial Consultation to discuss your case, to flat fee pricing with no hidden charges, we offer secure and effective representation to clients globally who wish to attain U.S. Visas and Green Cards

What we Offer

  • U.S. Immigration Solutions

    We are a law firm in the United States dedicated to providing U.S. Immigration options for individuals seeking U.S. Visas and Green Cards. Services we offer include O1 Visa for Artists, Entertainment Industry Professionals, Business and Science. E3 Visa for Australian Nationals, U.S. I Media Visa for Foreign Journalists and Media. TN Visa for Canadian and Mexico Citizens, R Visa for Religious Workers, B1/B2 Business Visitor Visa, P Visa for Athletes and Entertainment Industry, K-1 and K-3 Fiance and Marriage Visa, Spouse Visas. We also provide Extension and Renewal of all work Visas. Green Cards Eb-1 category, and U.S. Citizenship

  • Dedicated Lawyers

    Our lawyers are recognized for their client service due to their individual attention to each clients unique situation. From a free consultation to evaluating your case to a flat fee, no hidden charges approach, we offer solutions that have been appreciated by clients globally.

Guidance in United States Immigration Laws.

Our American Immigration Lawyer works with clients from across the globe, including the United Kingdom, France, Poland, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Dubai, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Russia, Hungary, India and others. We have helped clients get artist visas to work in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, New York, Boston, San Francisco, New Jersey, NYC, Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and others. Our clients have come to us from London, Sydney, Toronto, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Hong Kong, and many others parts of the world.