O1 Visa Renewal and Extension:

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Barbara Guillaume
Artist from France, O1 Visa Client

How to Renew and Extend an O1 Visa

Renewing and extending an O1 Visa requires planning before your visa has expired.
Sky Usa Law assists international professionals obtain an extension for their O1 visa.

Length of Renewal

How long can an O1 Visa be renewed or extended?

  • An O1 Visa can be renewed for one year at a time with the same employer.
  • If you are changing employers, then you can request a 3 year extension.

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Heaven Fan
Music Professor and Performer

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Employer Requirements

What does an employer need to show for the O1 Visa Renewal an Extension?

  • Whether you are using the same employer or changing employers, United States Customs and Immigration Services now requires evidence that your employer has a distinguished reputation and you will be playing a leading critical role.
  • Your employer also needs to show a new contract and itinerary according to current USCIS standards.
  • Our experience in working with renewals and extensions allows us to work efficiently with your employers in establishing this requirement.
  • Our attorneys work with employers to help them with drafting and providing suitable strategies gathering the most credible evidence to help establish their reputation.

Using an Agent for multiple employers?

  • An agent to act as an employer or as an agent for multiple employers.
  • Your agent can either be a U.S. company whom you will be working for, or a United States resident individual who will act as your sponsor and as your agent for multiple employers.

  • Our O1 Visa lawyer services include helping you establish the proper contracts, agent agreements and deal memos to meet United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) Goverment requirements.
  • We also assist with developing the proper itinerary which allows you to show the USCIS a proper project schedule which helps your case.

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James Stapleton Gray
Creative Director, Jucy Inc, O1 Visa, from London, England

Requirement to Maintain Status by Showing Critical Role

    Requirement to show the beneficiary will be playing a leading and critical role?

  • For the applicant, it is a requirement by the USCIS to show that you will be playing a leading and critical role in your future work for the O1 Visa.
  • The government is interested in evidence that establishes your duties and role as being one that is important.
  • Sky Usa Law assists our clients with strategies in helping to meet the requirement you will be playing a critical role that will be essential to the employer and the work you will doing going forward.

Maintenance of Status Requirement?

  • If you are renewing or extending a 01 Visa, it is also required by the US Customs and Immigration Services to show that you have maintained your original status that was granted with your original O1 Visa.
  • We guide you in determining what kind of evidence and documents are going to help an applicant show that you have been maintaining your status on your original O1 Visa.

"I would recommend Sky Usa Law to all of my friends who are applying for an O1 visa. Their lawyer is responsible and precise. I really appreciate all his hard and intelligent work.   shao"

Shao Ting Sun
Music Composer from Taiwan, F1 Visa to O1 change of status

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Additional Requirements

Are more recommendation letters needed?

The answer to this question depends on the original strength of your file. Requirements by United States Customs and Immigration Services are always updated as new Immigration policies take place. The United States Government officers can often require that letters be updated to new standards. Our firm helps our clients with updating and guiding our clients whom to obtain these letters from.

O1 Visa Sponsor Requirements

The O1 Visa is an employment based visa, thus, you must have an employment offer to apply for the visa. The employment offer, is also sometimes called the deal memo or job offer. This must be accompanied by an itinerary if you will be working on several different projects in several different locations.

We work with your employer and help them develop contracts and itinerary's to meet United States Government Criteria.

The employer can act as your sponsor. A sponsor is a United States corporation or United States resident who will support your application to work in the United States. Your employer can be your sponsor, or you can have a different person acting as an agent for one or multiple employers. You can have multiple employers in your application. In fact, this is one of the advantages of the O1 Visa, is that you are allowed to submit multiple job offers and upon approval, work for more than one employer. You must, however, submit all the employers in your application. If you change or add employers during the course of your O1 visa, you must notify the United States government of your change in employment to continue working legally.

O1 Visa Criteria

For an extension, we request a copy of your old file from you or your previous attorney to review it and establish the updated requirements for the O1 Visa criteria.

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