O1B Artist Visa

What is an Artist Visa?

The Artist Visa, also known as the O-1B Visa, is a USA work visa. It is known as the Artist visa, because of most the people applying are Artists, designers, film and music industry professionals.
Below is a guide to the requirements and services we offer in getting you the Artist Visa.

Artist Visa O-1 Sponsor Requirements

    • To work in the USA, you must show a company in the US wants to hire you.
    • The sponsor/employer can be either a U.S. Company, or an individual acting as an agent.
    • You can work for multiple employers, as long as all job offers are submitted with your file.



"I am a visual artist from Japan and got approved to O1B Artist visa thanks to Sky Usa Law. I found them from searching on the internet. First they carefully looked at my experience and explained how to meet the requirements. They didn't take the case till they felt they could win. That honesty and confidence made me trust that they are taking me seriously. I can't imagine putting all the documents together without their strategy. Akiko-Yamashita"

Akiko Yamashita
3d Visual Artist and Animator, Transferred from F1 Student Visa to O1 Visa

Artist Visa USA Artist Requirements

You can get an Artist O1B visa if you meet 3 out of the 6 criteria below:

    1. Lead role in productions or events which have a distinguished reputation. These are your past and future projects you will be working on. We write letters for our clients and gather other evidence to show the importance of your previous work.


    1. Published material in the media about the applicant; These are articles about you which discuss your achievements.  We help our clients by guiding them towards meeting this requirement.


    1. Critical role for organizations or establishments with distinguished reputations; These are organizations you have worked for in the past and will be working for in the future. We help our clients with drafting letters for your employers to sign to show your critical role.


    1. Commercial successes in the arts. We assist our clients understand what documents they need to meet this criteria.


    1. Significant recognition for achievements from recognized experts in the field; This is a category which requires strong and detailed letters from experts in your industry. We write letters for our clients to get signed from experts in their industry.


    1. Salary Requirement We work with our client’s employers to notify them of the salary requirement if they wish to meet this criteria.


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      James Stapleton Gray
      Creative Director, Jucy Inc, O1 Visa, from London, England

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      Ravi Soni
      Music Producer and Audio Engineer from India