O1 Visa Sponsor Requirements

The O1 Visa is an employment based visa, therefore, you must show that you have an employment offer in the United States.
The advantage of the O1 Visa is that you can have more than one employer, and therefore can apply with several different project opportunities (this option is great for freelance professionals).

Who can be your employer?

An employer is generally a company for which you will be providing services.
If you are an actor or freelancer who wishes to use an agent or manager, they must be able to provide an itinerary and contracts showcasing what you will be doing in the United States during the duration of your visa.

What does an employer need to show?

In addition to providing information about the company, the employer will need to provide an ‘Offer of Employment’ to you, which states what you will be doing and where for the duration of your visa. This ‘Offer of Employment’, also known as a ‘Deal Memo’ will also state the salary you will be getting paid for your work.

How we can help?

Our firm works with our client’s employers and assists them in drafting the appropriate offers of employment, itineraries, and gathering additional documentation to apply on your behalf. In addition, our firm works with your employers to help establish their reputation and your leading and critical role which is required to obtain the visa. Click here to find out more about o1 visa requirements.


O1 Visa Requirements